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About Me

Welcome! I'm Jessica Gertel, mother to five, living in Gush Etzion. I received my Master's Degree in Physical Therapy (MSPT) from Boston University in 2000. 

When my family moved to Israel in 2004, I pivoted to a career in interior design, a hobby that I had always loved.  While these two fields may seem very different, in reality they require a similar skill set and have a similar goal - to develop a discerning eye and to create comfort. 

Five years ago, after struggling with my own chronic pain, I decided to go back to my roots.  Since then, I have been committed to learning as much as possible about the drivers of pain and how to heal them.  I have studied Yoga Therapy (CYT), Pilates (CPI) and new techniques in Physiotherapy with some of the most respected and inspiring teachers in the world.  I have been pushed out of my comfort zone, in every direction, and because of it I have grown as a person and a practitioner.  Ultimately, I have discovered that healing pain is a process which requires a personal, multidisciplinary approach.  I am happy to go on this journey with you.


Education and Trainings:

  • Master of Science in  Physical Therapy - Boston University  (2000)

  • Gyrokenesis® Trainer - Smadar Goshen Gyrotonic® and Gyrokenisis® Pre-trainer (2017)

  • Pilates Instructor - Inspire Yoga and Pilates Studio, Jerusalem (2017)

  • Yoga Wall Training - Rachel Jacoby C-IAYT Yoga Therapist (2019)

  • Dry Needling Practitioner - The Israeli Society of Musculoskeletal Medicine  (2019)

  • Yoga Therapy for Trauma and PTSD - Mindful Yoga Therapy (2020)

  • Certified Yoga Therapist - Wisdom Body Yoga Therapy (2021) 

  • Happy Back Yoga Training - Rachel Krentzman Happy Back Yoga Academy (2021)

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